A Producer, Beauty Pageant Director, and Life Coach

Mrs. Pam Cummings is the founder and director of Premiere International and Miss Five Crowns Beauty Pageant. She has over 25 years of experience in the media industry as an event organizer, personal and sports coach, and motivational public speaker.

She has supported many young women in both their personal and professional lives, transforming them with an increased level of confidence so they can showcase their brilliance and skills to the world. Mrs. Cummings profession is to support and guide others to find the strength and ability to be the best version each individual can be.

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Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Life is real although sometimes our mind can carry us off to see a dream life that everyone secretly wants to live although, we want it yesterday instead of waiting until tomorrow. Every life has a story – every individual has met many wonderful people, who have gone through good and bad. However, most of the stories only show the best or exciting parts, which makes many people look at their own lives with unease or uncertainty. Dare to dream or to live the dream, we see as different. Our series of certified workshop courses teach our clients all of the above and how to turn the tables to be a better YOU, an authentic you. Learn techniques on how to improve everything from internal pain to style, vulnerability to overindulgence, ordinary personal skills to first-class skillsets and to be that better person.


Life, Love, Legacy

Living by the three L’s!

A legacy is built on lives that are touched with encouragement, inspiration, love, and the sharing of tools for empowerment. It is more than an impression on a life, it’s a compilation of factors providing guidance to lives for a purpose.

My life has consisted of journalling stories, heartfelt moments, and passions. Providing tools to help others find their direction and visionary life path. To share and learn to feel the love, when life may have been endured by hurt. When you’ve healed, life does eventually turn the page to the good chapter if you accept the challenge. 

There is a purpose to life as a whole with experiences of good and bad, leading us to where ever it may take us. The ‘now’ is my time to move into the next life chapter. Sharing my legacy from where it all began to current, and ‘now’ is where it moves forward in a positive light for a better outcome.


My Crown may be Heavy but still I Accept the Responsibility


Beautiful Minds Creates a Beautiful Future

Together we can make a Better World!

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