Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018

Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018 – Eva Louise Wilson.

  • Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2017 Finalist
  • World Tourism Ambassador 2017 Finalist
  • Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018 Winner
  • Miss Supranational New Zealand 2018 Winner
  • Miss Supranational Oceania 2018 Winner
  • Miss Supranational 2018 ‘Interview Winner’ 

International Preparation - Tourism World Ambassador 2017

As usual in many national beauty pageants, after announcing the winners, it’s time to prepare for the international competition.  The title holders should manage all the requirements in a very short time, and those who are well organised using their skills from their national campaign shall gain more experience growing in the international competition process. 

Although Eva did not place in her National pageant in 2017, she did get the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, to a minor international pageant which was a great stepping stone for which she could gain more experience and knowledge.

Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018 Competition

Eva Louise Wilson started her beauty pageant career in 2017 in Auckland New Zealand. Eva had never competed in beauty pageants previously, although had dabbled in a little modelling. After Eva’s 2017 pageant experience, it left her with a hunger to continue with pageants. Miss Five Crowns New Zealand arranged an international opportunity to gain international experience and Eva’s pageant career bloomed from that moment.

Gaining more experience and learning about international pageant rivalry, Eva arrived back in New Zealand wishing to utilise her new found experience, to try her hand at vying for the National Supreme title of Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018 competition. That is exactly what she did – she won it!

Miss Supranational New Zealand 2019

After winning Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018, Eva ventured to Poland for her international experience with Miss Supranational 2019.

Eva learned and experienced so much, finishing with the Miss Supranational Oceania 2019, Best in Interview and top 10 for swimwear, Eva stood proud on stage representing her home country of New Zealand when being awarded her crown. Up against the top contestants from around the globe with a wealth of experience – what an amazing accomplishment and a moment to be cherished forever.

Parts of pageants can be daunting.

Stepping outside the comfort zone and feeling vulnerable by putting yourself on a platform to be judged can feel awkward. 

Judges rarely see things the way an individual see things. Each judge has an understanding of what they expect or think, could be beneficial for communities although everything comes down to execution of presentation.

Before Eva’s Miss Supranational’s competition in Poland, she knew her interview skills were on point although she surprised herself as to how good they really were.  Before the competition she was asked some political questions, which she answered perfectly. 

After Competition

Between many pageant winners, the experience between national and international pageants are different. Each has similar experiences however tend to be on larger scales. Eva has made many friends from around the globe and she has been able to pay it forward to young women leaning to future pageantry. Eva was grateful and she could learn new experiences from the industry and hopes others can benefit in the way she has.

"Self-confidence and experience is what you will learn and takeaway from a beauty pageant. You will learn that you are capable of doing more than you imagined. As you learn, grow, and achieve your goals, you will develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Join Miss Five Crowns and grown your Personal Empowerment"

– Eva Louise Wilson ~ Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2018

Exclusive interview you can watch on them below. 

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